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As of late, I've been drifting along with the mainstream and actually getting into current anime series such as Free! and Shingeki no Kyojin, but I have to admit that I've become easily hooked to the latter. Because of that, I've been desperately seeking out friends from the fandom to discuss the latest chapters and spoilers with. Hence, I've been nagging friends to watch the series so I could have someone to fangirl with and actually get what I'm saying.

So far, my latest victims include a high school friend of mine and my boyfriend, both of whom I've been coercing to watch SnK because they both seemed interested. Luckily, I got them both hooked - though they aren't exactly up to date with the series (one follows the anime only, the other has only read up 'til the female titan arc). But! I found out recently that another good friend of mine has apparently been following the series and has read the manga, too, so I've been able to discuss some spoiler-y stuff with him. Yay!

Yes, Yagami Laito, this never gets old.

The downsides of getting your boyfriend to like SnK, and possible spoilers, so read at your own risk )