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.... is exactly what I'd describe the HnR ending. Hah. I'm sorry, but this is what you'd call a hell of a fucking MESS.

(I'm probably going to be doing a lot of swearing so if that bothers you, go away while you can)

My biggest disappointment with the ending was that I really, really feel like a better story could have been told with the extra 20-something pages the author allotted for this chapter. But what happened?

Spoilers underneath the cut, and a lot of disappointment )
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Whoa, it's been months since I've last written something! I'm beginning to think I don't know how to write a proper blog entry, considering I'm still in the process of getting used to micro-blogging format courtesy of that monstrous excuse of a website called Tumblr. Lol, here I am talking trash about the website, when in fact for months I've been using it as a form of escapism from reality - to the point that I check every hour, every day. It's gotten that bad. ANYWAY.

here i am getting all ranty mcrant thanks to tumblr, geez )

And as for fandoms, I'm only really following a few nowadays, and these past few months I've gotten immersed into the fandom for Hirunaka no Ryuusei, making edits and fanart and all, which made me feel all reminiscent of my iconing days back in LiveJournal. I started following this fandom back when there was still a thorough lack of scanlations, and because I adored Shishio a lot and saw that people liked Shishio and Suzume together, too!

Ranty mcrant part 2 feat. life ruining shoujo manga )

Which is why I have been diverting my attention to Haikyuu!!, a sports anime/manga series about volleyball, and up to this very day I still wonder why I've gotten so attached to this series, considering that I only really convinced myself to read the manga because of this dirty yaoi doujinshi by Junko. I guess it's just that, the entire cast is super adorable, characterization is great, the story arcs are actually short, and as my boyfriend said: they make volleyball look hella interesting - which I totally agree with, considering that volleyball is one of my worst sports ever. While I really love the entire Karasuno team, and initially read the manga for KuroKen and the Nekoma team, Oikawa from Aobajousai really caught my eye - a.k.a. oh no another two-faced douchebag I'll probably love! Yes, he's good at the sport, and yes, he's got a terrible personality - but I really like that he's not a genius at his craft, and that he worked fucking hard to get to where he is now. I have a thing for characters like these. You go, Oikawa, even if you're fucking trash.

Also, the anime has just started last month and it's the best thing that's been happening to me for 8 sundays now! I'm too lazy to post gifs and photos here but if you go check my Tumblr, I've got a shitload of Haikyuu posts that it's probably about 80% of my blog now. I'm surprised no one has unfollowed me because of that - in fact, I've been gaining followers and some of my existing followers like the series too. Hmm. Surprise, surprise.
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I was never really interested in reading Kimi ni Todoke before because I kinda got sick of those usual "quiet girl meets outgoing guy" love stories. I decided to read about a month ago, however, because I was running out of shoujo manga to read, plus I wanted to know what the hype and the good reviews are all about.

It's nothing new, honestly, but as Sawako would describe Kazehaya, it is refreshing. Sawako is an ok heroine, Kazehaya is actually adorbs, and the two of them together is just so cute and squishy all over. I also like that there's more to Kazehaya than being just a perfect popular guy because he also has his faults, and the conflicts in their love story is not as dramatic, irritating and tedious as other love stories in shoujo manga.

What I also liked about KnT is the unlikely friendship Sawako makes with Chizu and Yano, the former a tall, brutish girl; the latter a teenage gyaru who looks too mature for her age. Think Tohru's friendship with her BFFs Hana and Uo, it's that kind of special friendship. And of course her friends also have their own love interests:

There's Chizu and her unresolved sexual tension with her childhood friend, Ryuu.

And Yano and the other popular guy in class, Kent.

I was first really invested with the ChizuRyuu dynamic but for some reason, my interest in the pairing faltered as I've progressed with the series. Surprisingly enough, I'm most intrigued and interested in this not canon (YET... I CAN FEEL IT HAPPENING) pairing:

Yano x Pin PLZ. THEY'VE GOT SO MUCH MORE SEXUAL TENSION THAN YANO/KENT!! Idk I never really liked Kent as a character so I'm not too invested with him and Yano actually together in the series. Guess he stuck to me as the ass who meddled in Kazehaya and Sawako's relationship SOB I was crying that whole time I swear

This is probably one of the few Teacher/Student pairings I like aside from Shizume in HnR (which is sorta defunct atm SOB) and I guess like most T/S pairings, this will be a complicated relationship. Well, let's see how Shiina Karuho treats this pairing, and I hope she does it right.
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I just realized today, after reading 40+ chapters of Nisekoi that I could hardly tolerate these fanservice anime/manga anymore. Really, that Nisekoi one-shot was very promising, and I loved the inverted Romeo and Juliet dynamic, but the series has just turned into one of those cliched shonen manga with a girl harem and lots of fanservice. Which made me think that if I were to read some light hearted high school romance (which, I have to admit, is a guilty pleasure of mine), I'd be better off reading shoujo; yaoi, even.

Sorry, I just had to rant because Ichijou (of Nisekoi)'s harem was growing larger at this point, and I don't even particularly like his crush Onodera, and I reckoned it'll take sooooo long before the series would reach its closure, so I had to stop. Honestly, if not with Chitoge, I want Ichijou with Seishirou (who is a girl, by the way, but wouldn't it be rad if she were a guy??).

Enough of that. I finally have people to talk about SnK with! The only problem is that they're all guys. How could I possibly tell them how much I think Jean and Armin would make such a cute pairing and that Erwin and Levi's hot stuff? Oh well.