secretlygeeky: (love will tear us apart)
Hello all! Just a quick post to say that yes, I'm alive, and I've still got a lot of feelings for Hirunaka no Ryuusei.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei has one chapter left and fans are most anxious to know the answer to the million dollar question: Who will Suzume end up with?

Of course, as per usual, 80% of the fandom's rooting for Mamura. Which is to be expected, considering recent survey results and such. I've long ago tried to convince myself that Mamura/Suzume would have a 90% chance of being endgame due to its surprising popularity amongst fans.

In fact, even with the recent development now, I'm probably fine with a non-Shishio/Suzume ending because the recent chapter was just… so beautiful. I found it so perfect that I'm willing to forgive the flaws in Shishio's character development and the love triangle arc that was a bit painful to sit through. I may just be seeing this through my Shishio/Suzume biased shipping glasses but somehow, there's just something heart-clenching about their scenes together. That chapter pretty much showed the beauty (and tragedy) of the ship. I am still crying over it as I type this.

Anyhow, whatever ending the manga would get, I'm definitely supporting Yamamori Mika! Finally made up my mind recently that I'll be collecting all the HnR volumes. I've currently got 3 in my collection (volumes 2, 5-6), and I recently ordered volumes 9-10 which will hopefully arrive safely in my mail next month -- it was my first time ordering manga online and I got terribly paranoid with my purchase, lol.

2 weeks to go until I either cry of happiness, of heartbreak, or perhaps - both. I'll definitely be crying either way.


Recently, I was making an inventory of all the manga I've bought that was currently in my room, and was almost surprised to find some manga I didn't remember I owned, lol. I decided to make myself a LibraryThing account so I can keep track of the manga that I have, and so I can pretend that they're actually organized properly and not scattered in various corners of my home.

Most of the manga currently listed are just stuff I have in my room, and stuff I do remember owning, but are misplaced somewhere... Haha. Feel free to check out my collection here.