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As of late, I've been drifting along with the mainstream and actually getting into current anime series such as Free! and Shingeki no Kyojin, but I have to admit that I've become easily hooked to the latter. Because of that, I've been desperately seeking out friends from the fandom to discuss the latest chapters and spoilers with. Hence, I've been nagging friends to watch the series so I could have someone to fangirl with and actually get what I'm saying.

So far, my latest victims include a high school friend of mine and my boyfriend, both of whom I've been coercing to watch SnK because they both seemed interested. Luckily, I got them both hooked - though they aren't exactly up to date with the series (one follows the anime only, the other has only read up 'til the female titan arc). But! I found out recently that another good friend of mine has apparently been following the series and has read the manga, too, so I've been able to discuss some spoiler-y stuff with him. Yay!

Yes, Yagami Laito, this never gets old.

Honestly, though, it was really funny when I got my boyfriend hooked to SnK, though I feel slightly guilty because he's currently on his last college semester and is desperately trying to finish his thesis. While I'm glad that I can finally talk to him about the series, there are some downsides to it, which are:

1. He constantly blames you for getting him hooked to the series.

-- While indeed I have been telling him a couple of times to watch SnK, I haven't told him to start a freakin' marathon over the weekend. That ain't my fault anymore. You took it upon yourself, man.

2. He actually ignores you on chat since he's busy watching/reading SnK.

-- And then he blames you for getting him hooked again. Well, thanks, I guess?

3. You can't really spoil him silly yet because he's not up to date with the manga.

-- Though he just started reading the manga yesterday because he really wanted to know who the female titan was, gets slightly disappointed (because he actually liked that character). Wait til you find out who the Colossal and Armored Titan is! Hur hur hur.

In other news, I'm still slightly unhealthily obsessed with SnK. I swear, I never actually thought I was going to ship Jearmin, but I DID, and I both love them separately and as a couple. I'm not sure if I actually like them more than Eruri now, but I guess it's not a crime to love both pairings at equal standing.

Meanwhile, I find this on Tumblr:

What. The. Actual. Fuck. Why is the back cover of the current (?? I assume) volume like this. Why are they so few? And more importantly, WHERE IS ARMIN?!?! DON'T YOU FREAKING TELL ME HE IS A TITAN TOO[edit: ok i just realized that the back of SnK tankobons always has the top 10 of their squad....I keep forgetting that Ymir AND Armin isn't part of the top 10. Hmm but still-- I swear if he dies in the series, I'll probably assassinate the mangaka myself (loljk Isayama-sensei, but consider yourself warned) and imma cut a bitch. I love Armin a lot, he has so much potential in his character and he's one helluva genius strategist. Wasn't he such a badass in episode 10 of the anime? And these panels (where he was talking to future lover potential fuck buddy Jean):

Future badass y/y? I plead for his life in this series. ;___;

Let's all hope for the best. Let us pray to our resident SnK goddess, Christa, whom everybody wants to marry.