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.... is exactly what I'd describe the HnR ending. Hah. I'm sorry, but this is what you'd call a hell of a fucking MESS.

(I'm probably going to be doing a lot of swearing so if that bothers you, go away while you can)

My biggest disappointment with the ending was that I really, really feel like a better story could have been told with the extra 20-something pages the author allotted for this chapter. But what happened?

It was funny when I first saw the beginning of the chapter, I almost thought I was reading a different manga, and even thought that it was a sort of sneak peek into Mamura and Suzume's future family life (like, way to rub it in my face that my ship's not endgame), and fortunately, I was wrong after all. It was.... a flashback of Mamura's childhood.

Really now? We just had to wait til the very end to see the other romantic lead's back story? And what was the purpose of this -- to justify his misogyny? To justify that he deserves the girl? Since when was Mamura even the main character of the story? Since when was it even all about him? Oh right, since Margaret started riding coat tails on his very surprising popularity, that's what. Suddenly, it doesn't even seem to be about Suzume anymore?

With this, it finally occurred to me why I just can't seem to be sold entirely on Mamura's character - there was always something lacking about him, which was his lack of thoughts and point of view, and how very convenient indeed that it was shown on this final chapter so everybody can sympathize with him?

Believe me, if the love triangle arc hadn't been dragged on for too long, this ending could have been solved better. They could have at least shown his past early on in the story instead of cheaply including it in the final chapter just to validate all of his actions previously and that he IS the one who deserves Suzume's love because oh look boo-fucking-hoo my mom left our family for an affair so I've found girls icky and gross and treated girls badly ever since but then I met Suzume who's so ~different~ from other girls she's definitely ~the one~ for me. Sorry. I'm not buying it at all.

And isn't it just ironic that we even got to see more chapters on Shishio's POV more than Mamura ever did? Even Yuyuka got her own POV chapter first.

On a lighter note, though, isn't Mamura's older brother hella fine? *wink wink*

Now here's what I would've wanted to see in the ending:

  • Cliche as it may sound, but I really wanted a cheesy montage on how every one got on after this shit storm. That color spread was very misleading, I must say. Wasn't it going to be all about Mamura after all?
  • I really, really wanted to see more of Togyuu and Yuyuka. And all the other HnR kids!!
  • Do you honestly think I'd be satisfied with Shishio having his happy ending with free alcohol? Wait a sec, it seems the real pairing here is Shishio/Alcohol after all! There were so much hints in the past how couldn't I have noticed~
  • I also really wanted to see how Suzume was able to move on happily from her previous love and actually just enjoy her school life with her friends. (A. FUCKING. MONTAGE.) That would've been the best closure for me tbh. In the end it was aaaalllll about the endgame pairing. And Mamura's happiness, apparently, because all of a sudden he's the daytime shooting star! Ohh what a plot twist. I didn't see that coming teehee~

I don't know. I'm still confused and emotional about the ending. I just really feel like everything could've been solved better, were there more chapters allotted for the series, or if something entirely different was done with those 54 pages. 54. Fucking. Pages.

Like I said in a previous entry, I really didn't mind a Mamura/Suzume ending for the series. It would've been for the best of everyone - for the characters, and for the fandom (because a large chunk of the fandom are Mamura/Mazume fans), I just wish it wasn't rushed and cheaply done. And well, I have nothing (ok, maybe a little... something) against Mamura, I just really, really hate how it seems like Margaret is glorifying his character so much just because he's the more popular one among fans. Also, as much as I'm disappointed in the ending, this doesn't in any way make me hate the mangaka, nor does it stop me from wanting to support her and her story. I've already placed my order on another HnR volume and the new Margaret issue.. coz not gonna lie, I totes want that illustration book. And besides, I still made up my mind to complete all HnR volumes. 

So in the end, HnR pulled a Tonari no Atashi on us all -- and considering I didn't even like Tonari no Atashi that much, I think the latter series was still better developed than HnR, as sad as it is for me to say. And at least we all saw what was coming before the final chapter.