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Whoa, it's been months since I've last written something! I'm beginning to think I don't know how to write a proper blog entry, considering I'm still in the process of getting used to micro-blogging format courtesy of that monstrous excuse of a website called Tumblr. Lol, here I am talking trash about the website, when in fact for months I've been using it as a form of escapism from reality - to the point that I check every hour, every day. It's gotten that bad. ANYWAY.

Speaking of Tumblr, I am still having a hard time getting used to its culture. There are rude fans EVERYWHERE, thanks to the website's tag feature that basically filters everything that contains the tag name anywhere in the post, whether it's in the entry itself, or somewhere in the tags (which is made more worse and possible by the Tumblr mobile app, btw). Tumblr folk should get that this is already a regular occurrence! So I really don't get why those dum-dums who post about character/ship hate in the tag still get surprised when they get called out for their actions. Here are classic examples - one would say: "oh but I didn't even tag the post" - well you still mentioned the name of the ship/character/whatever, so YES people would still see your post god dammit. An even dumber example would be: "ah but it wasn't even in the first 5 tags of my post" - POINT IS YOU STILL FUCKING TAGGED THE POST. JESUS. Apparently in Tumblr web, the first 5 tags of an entry would appear in the main tag search, otherwise the succeeding tags in your post won't be appearing in the main tag search. HOWEVER, in the Tumblr mobile app, your post will still appear as long as you tagged it, or even just mention the tag name in your post! And I'm sure a lot of users browse Tumblr thru the mobile app (I'm one of them), and do not have the luxury to 'blacklist' or whatever fancy plug-in shenanigans used to avoid that certain Tumblr tag.

Call me old-school, but I really miss LJ and DW's community feature, because at least entries are being policed in communities! Tumblr lacks that feature, though they probably don't need to have that sort, considering it's a micro-blogging platform, after all. I guess I just feel like a crotchety old lady amongst this ocean of terrible kids and teenagers on Tumblr. Sigh.

And as for fandoms, I'm only really following a few nowadays, and these past few months I've gotten immersed into the fandom for Hirunaka no Ryuusei, making edits and fanart and all, which made me feel all reminiscent of my iconing days back in LiveJournal. I started following this fandom back when there was still a thorough lack of scanlations, and because I adored Shishio a lot and saw that people liked Shishio and Suzume together, too!

However, this fandom is also the main source of my rants. The series got hugely popular sort of late last year, and raw chapters, translations and scanlations were appearing at the speed of light - which is all fine and dandy - but so are ship wars and character hate. Mamura and Suzume is obviously the more popular pairing, as evidenced by official merch, illustrations, and side chapters; and the mangaka is pretty much hyping up this pairing - more specifically, Mamura himself.

Not that it's a bad thing really, and it's to be expected in the manga industry, you obviously have to sell your most popular character to the fans. I guess it's just a matter of preference, since I'm not the biggest Mamura fan. Nothing against his characterization nor his relationship with Suzume and all (which is fantastic, btw, I don't ship them and I really think they're cute), but it really is no secret that I still prefer that idiot Shishio over Mamura any fucking time. It's not surprising as well that Mamura would be the more preferred character, since this is a shoujo manga targeted for high schoolers, after all, so naturally, these young'uns would go for the younger one, except for a 2% who's probably like Suzume's friend Nana in the series, and prefers older men. I've also noticed, among the Tumblr fandom at least, that the Shishio fans are also girls in their twenties and are most likely already out of school and working, unlike the Mamura fans who are still in high school to college/university age.

I still like HnR and would probably still follow it til it ends (which is this year, according to a tweet of the mangaka herself), but I guess my interest has waned for a bit - 90% because of the terrible fandom, 10% because of the story itself, as much as I'd hate to admit. I might be even a bit disappointed, because as the story is now, Shishio is being made out to be the villain, and there's an 80% chance that Mamura and Suzume will be ending up together. Not to mention they have all these extra chapters together, which crushes my sad Shizume soul *sob* Honestly, I've always had some qualms on how Shishio's characterization is written, because he's definitely being written as this sort of pathetic adult who obviously doesn't make the best decisions, but I guess that is the point overall..? It saddens me because I really think Shishio is a fascinating character (it's something I've realized as of late, but I really like these two-faced fictional characters!!) and i dunno, maybe he could've been written off better? There's still so much we don't know about him, we haven't even met his family for Christ's sake! But I guess I shouldn't judge so much, there are still about less than 30 chapters left after all, and so much can still happen by then. Just disappointed by fandom and everything, is all.

Which is why I have been diverting my attention to Haikyuu!!, a sports anime/manga series about volleyball, and up to this very day I still wonder why I've gotten so attached to this series, considering that I only really convinced myself to read the manga because of this dirty yaoi doujinshi by Junko. I guess it's just that, the entire cast is super adorable, characterization is great, the story arcs are actually short, and as my boyfriend said: they make volleyball look hella interesting - which I totally agree with, considering that volleyball is one of my worst sports ever. While I really love the entire Karasuno team, and initially read the manga for KuroKen and the Nekoma team, Oikawa from Aobajousai really caught my eye - a.k.a. oh no another two-faced douchebag I'll probably love! Yes, he's good at the sport, and yes, he's got a terrible personality - but I really like that he's not a genius at his craft, and that he worked fucking hard to get to where he is now. I have a thing for characters like these. You go, Oikawa, even if you're fucking trash.

Also, the anime has just started last month and it's the best thing that's been happening to me for 8 sundays now! I'm too lazy to post gifs and photos here but if you go check my Tumblr, I've got a shitload of Haikyuu posts that it's probably about 80% of my blog now. I'm surprised no one has unfollowed me because of that - in fact, I've been gaining followers and some of my existing followers like the series too. Hmm. Surprise, surprise.