Nov. 6th, 2014

secretlygeeky: (oral fixation)
What do you do when a shoujo manga you love lets you down and breaks your heart?

a. Drink two beers? Check. (Technically, I didn't drink two beers, more like three cocktails....)
b. Mope around all day thinking about all that wasted potential? Check. I'm sorry I'm a loser with no life.
c. Read more shoujo manga? Check!

I decided to binge read a familiar title that I never really wanted to check out in the past, because I was initially iffy about the storyline.. which was Marmalade Boy!

a few spoilers under the cut for those who haven't read the series )

Not included in the choices above, but reading josei manga is also a great remedy to get over a shoujo manga heartbreak! Josei manga pretty much has all of the things that shoujo manga sometimes can't offer - more mature themes are explored, there's better character development, and more importantly... age-gap relationships are more acceptable! *sobs* I am age gap trash.

Katsuta Bun is a mangaka I recently discovered when I first read her series Chikutaku Bonbon, which I fell in love with (and now own two volumes of the series!!). Her characters are cute and quirky and it just feels refreshing reading her stories.

My copies of Chikutaku Bonbon volumes 1 and 2, featuring the cute leads Iwa and Sango.

I also recently found out that she has a new series! Pictured above is called Mari Mari Mari currently serialized by Cocohana. I flipped through the pages of the first chapter in their website, and I must say I'm very intrigued, and not gonna lie - it's the male lead that drew me in. C'mon, cigarette-smoking, glasses-wearing, dark-haired, quirky guy? What's not to love? It also reminds me of a certain tragic shoujo character... oh dammit I'm so vulnerable. You can read the first chapter of Mari Mari Mari here.

Anyway, looking forward to reading (and purchasing) more of Katsuta Bun's works! They seem like the kind of thing I need in my life right now. Sigh.