Aug. 25th, 2013

secretlygeeky: (oral fixation)
I just realized today, after reading 40+ chapters of Nisekoi that I could hardly tolerate these fanservice anime/manga anymore. Really, that Nisekoi one-shot was very promising, and I loved the inverted Romeo and Juliet dynamic, but the series has just turned into one of those cliched shonen manga with a girl harem and lots of fanservice. Which made me think that if I were to read some light hearted high school romance (which, I have to admit, is a guilty pleasure of mine), I'd be better off reading shoujo; yaoi, even.

Sorry, I just had to rant because Ichijou (of Nisekoi)'s harem was growing larger at this point, and I don't even particularly like his crush Onodera, and I reckoned it'll take sooooo long before the series would reach its closure, so I had to stop. Honestly, if not with Chitoge, I want Ichijou with Seishirou (who is a girl, by the way, but wouldn't it be rad if she were a guy??).

Enough of that. I finally have people to talk about SnK with! The only problem is that they're all guys. How could I possibly tell them how much I think Jean and Armin would make such a cute pairing and that Erwin and Levi's hot stuff? Oh well.